Glam On The Go

Beauty In A Pinch

We have 3 locations for Beauty Entourage. Each Team is setup based on their home base. MA, Connecticut, New York.

                                                                                                                                                  Farmington, Ct Suite

                                                                                                                                                 Farmington, Ct Suite

Our home base consists of Suites where we hold consultations for clients. Suite locations are in Reading, MA, Farmington, Ct and White Plains, NY. 


Meet Our Core Team


                                                         Ashley Stone                                              Owner/Founder/Hair Stylist 

                                                        Ashley Stone

                                            Owner/Founder/Hair Stylist 

Hair Stylist and founder of Beauty Entourage. Ashley has been in the Beauty Industry for 14 years. With a love for Fashion, Art, and making people feel good, she has had a sincere passion as a career stylist. Her work can be seen on Say Yes to the Dress, Manhattan Bride Magazine, Oxygen Network, Elle Girl Magazine, NBC, ABC, and FOX. She is also the lead educator for Beauty Entourage.

"I handpick each stylist and train everyone that joins our team. I believe in the small details with everything I do. It's what makes someone unique and it's what sets us apart."

                                                      Lauren O'Brien                                                    Beauty Coordinator

                                                     Lauren O'Brien

                                                  Beauty Coordinator

Wedding Planning and coordinating is Lauren's ultimate passion. As the owner of her own wedding planning company Lauren O Events, she understands timelines on such an important day and has relationships with many wedding vendors in the industry. She is the lead Beauty coordinator for all large party bookings. She also works closely with each artist to ensure their ultimate success with the team. Questions, concerns, or high fives all go to Lauren. She is an amazing person that is here to help! 

"I understand the importance of delivering a positive experience for the client and artist; on time and above expectations."

                                                  Brittany Backman                                            Recruiting/Make Up Artist 

                                                 Brittany Backman

                                          Recruiting/Make Up Artist 

I have always had a love for beauty and fashion and enjoy interacting with people. I began to focus on my artistry in make up 6 years ago as a MAC make up artist and perfected my craft through their extensive training. I joined Beauty Entourage to focus solely on my artistry by expanding my knowledge and working more directly with clients. That is what I enjoy most about what I do! Not only do I love meeting new people, I consider it an honor to be a part of building one's confidence.

 “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody"

                                                        Carly Allen                                             Hair Stylist/ Lead Educator

                                                       Carly Allen

                                           Hair Stylist/ Lead Educator

I began my career 6 years ago and I knew I wanted to work alongside Ashley. I began with Beauty Entourage as an assistant and worked my way up to a top booking artist and lead educator for the company. I love discovering new styling techniques. I specialize in working with curly hair and hair extensions. I am certified in both. I love what I do and I love giving my clients a style that they thought their hair wouldn't do! 

"A good hair day can make you feel confident, I am happiest when I can give that feeling to my clients."

                                                     Kyle Samolik                               Hair Stylist/ Make Up Artist/ Lead Educator

                                                    Kyle Samolik

                             Hair Stylist/ Make Up Artist/ Lead Educator

I have been with Beauty Entourage for 6 years and started my career as an artist with Ashley. I am a lead educator for make up and along with Carly have become a top requested make up artist within the team from years of growing with the company. My work has been featured in national publications such as Italian Vogue, Modern Salon Magazine, Manhattan Bride, and from the red carpet of the VMA's! I am also a contributor to the company Youtube channel and the company blog with beauty tips and advice.   

"Work isn't work if you love what you do. Passion cant be taught. Its expressed"